Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's been a while...

Wow... it's been a while...

Where do I start. Not too much different here at the Wilbur house... Just a lot of school, work, and more school and work. So Nick and I decided to go on vacation during my spring break at EKU, which means during EKU's spring break, which means our cruise to the Bahamas was shared by 1,000 college students. That's OK it was still so relaxing (especially since we like to go to bed early and wake up early).

We left Friday before last and flew on Allegiant air to Orlando... for $120 round trip per person! I know great?! :)  We spent the weekend relaxing at my aunt and uncle's lake house just doing nothing... oh to be retired... ;)

On Monday we woke up early and drove to Cape Canaveral. We got on board early and began a week of nothing-ness. The week pretty much consisted of waking up, eating, getting off the boat, eating, getting back on the boat, eating, and going to bed... oh and then ordering room service.

Our first stop was at Coco Cay, the private island. Nick and I did some exploring and found a pair of nice and secluded benches by the crystal clear water. We laid out, forgot to put sunscreen on the top of our feet (which are still red... arrgh), got in the water, and had lunch with some college friends who just so happened to be on the cruise too! Yay Emma and Anthony! We played some in the water, took an ill-fated nature walk (we really were just walking barefoot on a road paved with lots of pointy little rocks... OUCH!), and took a nap (if you know me at all, you know I LOVE naps!). That evening we got back on the boat, ate again in the main dining hall, and played some card games ( I know, we're old fogies already but hey).

The next day was spent at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau. It was really cool and pretty (maybe not worth the money we spent to go, but interesting none the less). There's a water park in the middle of the resort, and we spent the day in and out of the slides. One slide, which was pretty cool, took you down an inner-tube into a shark tank! You were protected of course, but as you floated down the ride, you could see sharks swimming beside and even over you! We also explored the grounds which were so beautiful... there was an aquarium in the lobby and sting ray ponds all around... very cool.

The last day we spent on ship, doing nothing... I caught up on some Harry Potter while Nick won SECOND PLACE in the Ping Pong Tournament! Haha! He's so funny. He got a little medal and everything!

We left the ship that Friday morning and drove over to the Kennedy Space Center. At first, it looked a little dinky, but then we took a guided tour, and it was actually very cool. The night before, they had just rolled out onto the launch pad the shuttle Endeavour the night before, and we got to see it before it got all covered up! It was pretty nifty... especially since it will be the second to last space shuttle to go up for NASA for a while... thanks to our president... sheesh. Oh well, off subject. We then also got to touch a moon rock, see Alan Shepard's suit, and tour the rocket garden. And then we were off... back to Kentucky and back to real life.

Nick worked yesterday while I studied and put away my heavy winter clothes. We're both off today, so we went to church and Home Depot where we bought a pink dogwood tree to go in our back yard... I'm thrilled! I had a dogwood when growing up, and out back yard needs a little pick me up... and while we are on the subject of yards, we have a pesky mole problem... they are tunneling EVERYWHERE? Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

Well that's all for now! Look on Nick's Facebook for pictures of our vacation!