Saturday, January 21, 2012

26 weeks

Yay picture!
This is me at 25 weeks. Right now I'm 26 weeks! Soooo crazy!!!!!

So far, just feeling tired and my belly/hips feel stretched (especially my belly button).

The fatigue is related to working 2 days a week plus doing clinicals 8-5 4 days a week plus multiple night time bathroom breaks plus being harder to roll over and get comfortable plus the fact that little Abby decides to wake up and dance at 3 am every day... whew. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

So wearing all maternity clothes and big shirts right now.

No gestation diabetes! Woo hoo! I celebrated with a big bowl of ice cream.

She's sitting high. Which I never knew what that meant until now. It's like she's right under my diaphragm. But I don't know what's worse, her being there or sitting on my bladder.

We are getting the nursery slowly put together. Got a crib mattress yesterday (along with a tu-tu Nick picked out :)  ). The crib is set up, and we have a dresser and toy chest. We're waiting for showers before filling in more. Soo excited!

It's weird to think I'll be entering my last trimester so soon!!!!! I totally don't feel prepared, so any tips would be warmly welcomed!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year

A new year has already begun... and let me tell you, I'm SUPER PUMPED!

We got to ring in the year with a whole week with family in Georgia. Then Nick and I both were thrusted back in to real life and work. And while this may seem depressing,  we both have a little jump in our step. This will be a year of lasts and firsts mixed in with the prayer that Nick and I will grow closer to eachother, to the Lord, and thus start off our little family right.

As far as lasts. I start my lst semester of my nurse practitioner program tomorrow. 360 hours of clinicals begins tomorrow. That will be 4 days a week of 8-5 plus working 1-2 shifts a week at the hospital.  But when I hit that magical 360 number in April, I'll be D.O.N.E, done!  Soooo exciting. And then will begin a start of a new career (which, fingers crossed, will be fulltime mom and part-time NP).

Nick is also entering his last semester of seminary. He too is doing a lot of school work, but May will come with his graduating and (hopefully) a start of a new job.

In a few weeks, I'll be entering my last trimester (pinch myself!) and April will mark the start of something and someone wonderful!

So prayer, patience, and relying on the Lord will play a HUGE part of this semester, now I just need to keep reminding myself of that!