Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy and Habitual

Life has been soooo busy/crazy. I feel like I've never been this tired before in my life... I know it's in part due to the fetus, but I chalk up A LOT to my school/work schedule... I've been working or doing clinical every day since last Sunday. And not only am I doing a lot, I feel like I'm in this habit of life.

I wake up, go to work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat... every day. It has been driving me crazy! (Thankfully Nick and I go on vacation to Disney this week... more on that later). However, after talking with baby daddy last night, I realized something. Right now I'm responding to this busyness and habits with stress, but on the other hand, I respond to God's busyness and habits with joy... shouldn't I be joyful in all things?

The Lord is always working... the Bible tells me He is always hard at work for the good of those who believe (which includes me). He doesn't sleep, He doesn't eat (like I do), He is constantly at work. Aren't I glad for that?

The Lord is also a Lord of habits... isn't that great?! He's trustworthy. Nick and I have been a little stressed about the future (as all expectant parents are I'm sure). But the Lord has always habitually provided for us when we had no other options. It's His M.O. in our lives... we come to some due date (he needed a job before we got married, I needed a job before we moved to Kentucky, we needed a place to live ASAP in Kentucky), and we have always had zero prospects up until the last moment... but it's during those last moment preparations that the Lord provides for us not just one but a multitude of options. I'm so glad that the Lord is habitual... trustworthy. So even though I stress because I have no answers right now, I'm gently reminded by my sweet husband that the Lord is busily and habitually at work for us, on our side.

So I guess I should rejoice that I'm sharing this busyness and this habit-rut that I'm sharing a small part of this with the Lord (though this is easier said than done). But I do know that I am always trusting that the Lord will take care of us and our little family! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Peanut

So as you know by now, Nick and I are going to be parents!!!!! Sooo exciting! And we've gotten TONS of support but also a lot of questions, so here are some answers.  :)

- How far along are you?
Today, I am 8 wks, 2 days. I know I am early along to tell, but Nick and I can hardly keep it in! We are so excited, and after having a few scary ultrasounds (my expected dates didn't match up with what they were seeing on the ultrasound), we finally got a confirmative normal!

- When are you due?
April 27 :)

- Is that before you graduate?
Yes... My last semester in my nurse practitioner program is very clinical heavy, so I'll try to get it done early. We're just praying that little peanut wants to stick around until at least my due date! But if he or she comes early, no big deal. I'll still graduate, but will just have to do some clinical time during the summer.

- How do you feel? Feel sick?
Not really sick...yet. Sometimes I just have an aversion to different foods or smells. Mostly, I've been emotional, hungry, peeing a lot, and dog-tired.

- Are you showing yet?
Not yet. I think my pants are just a little tighter due to my eating... I've been craving cheese for some reason. Any thoughts?

- What do you want, boy or girl?
Nick is hoping for a boy, and I don't know what I prefer. Both of us, though, are going to be thrilled no matter what!!!! We find out mid-December!

We are soooo excited!