Monday, July 18, 2011

Me, Myself, and Yoda

So Nick is in NYC on a mission trip this week... leaving me, by myself, with Yoda. He's a pretty good companion I guess :)

So what have I been doing with my alone time, you ask? A lot!

Well Friday, Nick and I met up with some friends for... Harry Potter... yessss! It was AWESOME! I'm a little sad it's over :(

On Saturday, I had a girl's day with some friends from Sunday School. We drove up to Cinci to the creation museum (which was OK) and then Ikea (which was fun). It's so good to have just some good girl time. No I do love and adore Nick, but I loved spending time with these girls.

Sunday involved my favorite things I have been dying to do... Church, Naps, and 30 Rock marathon on Netflix. 'Nuff said.

Today has been spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. My internal body clock woke me up at 7 am (yay) and I began sweeping, wiping, dusting, and laundering. I took a break for lunch with some friends, came back and napped (again... I know. But it's just sooo good!). Now I'm going to make some twice baked spaghetti and fold the laundry while watching Fiddler on the Roof... sigh. I love being a girl.

But seriously, I miss my hubster and CANNOT wait for him to get back home! Oh and I'm excited for my fam to come up this weekend... So at least I'll be busy this week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ode to July and NASCAR

My roommate in college and I would randomly make up odes to different things that we were enjoying... This is my Ode to July

Oh July,
How I love thee,
With your sunny skies and lack of school.
You will be full of friends, family, travel, and books.
You will be hot, yes, but I look forward to your warmth
In comparison to this cold classroom.
Yes, July,
You could not have come sooner!

On an interesting side note, Nick and I went to the Wal-Mall to return an air filter, and the Wal-Mart parking lot was jammed packed! We had no idea what was happening! I mean it was 11 am on a Wednesday. Then we saw it... Jimmy Johnson's race car. NASCAR had come to this parking lot and brought a flock of ... interesting... people. So the hubs and I finally parked 15 minutes later, got out, and joined the milling masses. The whole time my hubby was yelling "I wanna go fast!" and "Please don't let the invisible fire burn my friend!" It was fun to say the least. And we got free Mountain Dew, which, by all means, seemed... appropriate. :)

Here's to an awesome July!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The End of the Crazy... Maybe

So today is my last day of clinicals! Then I just have one paper, one take home test, and one class left. So excited to have a (somewhat) normal life again! That is after I work the whole 4th of July holiday weekend.

Through the summer 'o crazy, I have learned a lot. A lot about being a nurse practitioner, yes, but also a lot about my other roles in life.

I've learned a lot about being a wife. Nick and I have learned to cherish and savor every short moment together. We have met each other for lunch when the other is at work. We have woken up early to see each other off. Stayed up late to have more time together. We have been intentional about our time together; investing in conversations and connecting. It has been sweet.

I have learned about being a better sister. I have been able to talk with my sisters more than ever this summer. Since my commute to clinicals happen the same time as their commute to work, we have been able to chat in the mornings and evenings. Again these are sweet moments.

I have learned about being a better daughter. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years ago. He had his prostate removed 2 Octobers ago. During a recent screen we found that his PSA was elevated again. The cancer is back. That is the LAST thing you ever want to hear. So my dad asked me to pray for him and for the Lord to guide him through these decisions ahead. He told me to write down what the Lord has been teaching me. So that is my goal. To learn how to honor my father through blogging. Keep me accountable!

So I would never want to repeat this summer of craziness, but I would never take it back. I hope to find rest in this next month.