Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas-ish!

Is it bad that I'm glad Christmas is over? Maybe? Yes? Let me explain. It's a two-fold explanation.

First the negative.  Nick and I had to work at the hospital this Christmas. Now we had a great Christmas-ish on Christmas Eve. We woke up, opened a few gifts, ate some blueberry pancakes, watched It's a Wonderful Life, and had dinner and went to church with some good friends. Christmas plus working plus raging pregnancy hormones equaled a little Christmas meltdown.

While I did remember and rejoice in the birth of Christ, to me Christmas also means family. And missing that part made me sad.  Thankfully that will be remedied in the next few days since Nick and I will be spending a week in Georgia with family for the New Year. In that matter, I am glad Christmas is over because of the separation.

The second is positive. Nick and I are looking forward to next Christmas with soooo much anticipation. This next year holds the promises of many blessings. We both graduate in May from our programs. We hopefully will have new jobs closer to family. My sister will be getting married. And of course the greatest blessing. As my belly swells bigger and bigger each day, as my hips and back begin to ache, and as each little kick wakes me up in the morning, Nick and I can't help but get excited about little Abigail joining up next Spring. Christmas next year, Lord willing, will be a joyful time of  reflection and enjoying our new blessings instead of anticipation and separation.

So I hope you all had a great Christmas, but I pray that your up coming year will be full of blessings so that next Christmas will be even better!

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