Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gargantuan Baby

We are in the final count down waiting for little, I mean gargantuan, Abby to arrive. I'm 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant and am HUGE! My last ultrasound I was 34.5 weeks and she was already 6lb 14oz! They told me she'd be over 8.5 lb... at least! And then at my appointment yesterday, my belly was measuring at 38 weeks size... 2 weeks bigger. In the words of Dr. Rone, "You're going to have a big 'un."  EEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! (And no, I don't have gestational diabetes)

So Nick and I tried a lot of "natural labor induction" techniques. I fit my huge, swollen feet into flip flops (the only shoes I can fit into now) and we walked the mall... twice. All the while, I tried not to itch my very itchy belly. Then we went to Johnny Carino's for some eggplant parmesan with raspberry tea. I even tried some squats. All for not... well the eggplant was good.

Sigh. I'm ready. I've been having some contractions but nothing really hurts (other than my feet, stomach, and right lower back). Dr. Rone checked me and I'm 1 cm dilated (still) and 50% effaced, but this time, he said that her head was "right there." So just sitting and waiting. My parents are coming in today to help pack up our house because... oh yeah we are also moving before/during/after she's born... Maybe stress and packing will jump start things before I resort to castor oil. :)

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