Friday, April 6, 2012

Not So Cute PUPPs

So I'm 37 weeks today... YAY full term!!!! Just waiting, rather impatiently, for this little miss to pop out! And to add on to the already stress/school/being a giant/being stared at by all people in a public place, I now have the PUPPs rash.

PUPP is a pregnancy rash that is caused because of pregnancy. It starts at the belly and, as I learned yesterday, can spread over MY WHOLE BODY!!!!! It itches like the dickens, hurts some, is red and unsightly. It's treatment? You guessed it... birth!!!! I've tried about everything for "natural induction" but nothing works (maybe the full moon this Friday will do it?). And now, I'm in a pickle. I want to walk this baby out, but if I walk, I get hot, and if I get hot, I itch... grrrrr!

So, little one, Mommy would be very appreciative if you would just make your grand enterance soon!

(*Note: The last thing I want to see/hear is something along the lines of, "Just hold on, she'll be here soon." It. might. just. push. me. over. the. edge.)

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