Thursday, August 23, 2012

Abigail Grace

At this moment, my little girl is upstairs, in her crib, crying instead of sleeping. You see, we're going through this phase where Abby doesn't sleep and, in turn, momma doesn't sleep. Thankfully, this mainly applies to nap time and she does well through the night, but tonight, I'm afraid, the streak(and shrieking) will continue.

Here's what this is teaching me. As Abby's momma (and BFF) I know what's best for her, which is sleep. However, she continues to cry and fight it, to her own detriment. But I still love her, and deep in my heart I have this yearning, a yearning for what's best for her, to help her. How much is this a picture of Christ's heart for us, Hid children. And so I must remember, when I'm fighting against what He knows best, I need to simply relax into His arms... And just sleep.

Now, more about Miss Abigail!

She is now 4 months old. At her last appointment, she weighed 15lb 6oz! Big girl! She's smiling, jibbering to herself, laughing, cooing, and shouting for joy! :) she's rolling over (but not consistently) and standing with some help. And her favorite things (other than me): pink fuzzy blanket, fans, her own reflection (she thinks it's another baby), walks outside, and of course her Daddy :). She's recovering from her first cold and tried her first bites of cereal. Her little personality is coming out more and more each day, and I LOVE it! I love her! And now a big picture of my little girl (for some reason my iPad won't let me shrink it). Look at that face!

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