Tuesday, October 18, 2011

12.5 weeks!

Almost done with the first trimester!!! Soooo exciting! (When Nick gets a chance, I'll have him show me how to upload pictures so you can see little Peanut!)

School is pressing on, I'm starting a new job at the hospital, and birthday month is upon us... No wonder October is nearly done!!!! Life is crazy, busy, and just crazy, but Nick and I are loving it!

Every day, I feel like I'm getting bigger... thankfully, my appetite has dropped off some (I was eating like a teenage boy off his Adderall), so now it's Peanut's turn to grow! So far, most clothes are just a little more snug. However, my black pants from high school are done. Thankfully, my sweet Mamma sent me a new pair, but there's this funny stretchy ban around the top :) I think they call it maternity pants. Nick says I'm beginning to get "radiantly round."

So far, Peanut's doing great! We got to see him/her suck his/her thumb a few weeks ago before we headed out to Florida. The fact he/she even had a thumb was MINDBLOWING! And then the other day at work, I used a doppler and was actually able to hear the heartbeat!

My next appointment it Thursday! Until then!

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